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Take instant decisions based on our AI Generated Signals that help you earn profits

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Our softwares use the Best Trading Algorithms to ensure your trades get the estimated profits within the Trade duration

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We bring the best signals and markets to you to boost your trading profits.


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About Excalitrade

Excalitrade is Financial markets broker that offers Automated trading solutions and trading Signals to clients to make their trading experience stress free. At Excalitrade, we give you access to different markets such as stocks, crypto, indices and CFDs which you can trade with our AI powered signals for daily profits.


How to Trade

Our Ecosystem provides the one stop solution for your trading needs, follow steps below to place your first trade


1. Sign up

Create a new account

2. Deposit funds

Deposit Crypto to your account (Usdt/Busd)

3. Scan

Chose a market that falls within your capital range,

4. Trade

Trade the market if the Signal is Strong sell or Strong Buy

5. Earn a profit

Earn a profit after 24 hours and repeat


Frequently Asked Questions

We answer some of your Frequently Asked Questions regarding our platform.

Yes but, Traders must raise a Support ticket application for capital withdrawal from their account.

Excalitrade works with leading companies around the globe to ensure security of clients funds. For example we partner firms such as Fireblock, Bitgo Insurance and We store funds in Advanced cold wallets developed by ledger, And we also have funds with Liquidity providing Firms. Our Security Department leaves no stones unturned in ensuring clients fund security.

The software that generates Signals for Excalitrade Clients is called Excalibur. Excalibur is an in House trading algorithm developed by The trading team at Excalitrade to Generate High frequency trading signals with the highest accuracy. The Excalibur Software analyses the Financial Market technically and fundamentally to Bring the best signal on a particular market at a given time for traders to select and trade on Excalitrade Brokerage handsfree.

Yes. We link traders to the financial markets through our software and platforms.

Excalitrade is registered in the United Kingdom as Forex and share trading UK ltd. And the Corporate Headquarter is based in Talinn, Estonia

As an upline you earn 0.20% From each trade by your Direct Referral. For Example if your first generation downline trades a 10000 USD position Daily, you earn (20$) Daily which is 0.20% of 10000$  .  This presents a leader with multiple referrals the ability to earn a lot more on daily trading activity from their downlines.

Withdrawals take a from a few hours to a maximum of 48 hours. The Minimum Withdrawal is 20$ and the Maximum $3000. The withdrawal fee is 5% of Total withdrawal. Only one withdrawal request at a time is allowed till processing is complete.

Excalitrade is a Multi asset broker that offers trading signals and access to Financial market instruments across different sectors. Unlike traditional brokers that only offer a random trading platform, Excalitrade offers you AI powered Options trading with the best signals and trading software which gives you an edge over other traders. When a trade is placed on Excalitrade, the Software on our brokerage identifies market movements in the direction of the strong signal and takes a 24hr position ( CFD) in that signal direction, in which it captures a specified profit it has been programmed to capture, after that, the profit and capital is returned to the traders account after 24hours. To make daily profits a trader must trade everyday by identifying strong buy or Strong sell signals to trade.

We accept USDT (Trc20) and BTC. Users are to make transfers to the Address provided the payment processor on the deposit page. Deposits reflect after confirmation on the network and the by finance department. Ensure you send the exact amount value to avoid delays in your deposit


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